PETWITHIT is your compass in the vibrant world of pet ownership and pet-related businesses across the UAE. 

We’re not just a media company; we’re your dependable guide, ensuring you and your furry friends receive the best care and support.

Our Mission

Our journey began with a shared passion for pets, but it’s evolved into something much larger: a bustling community of pet owners, pet services, and pet lovers. We exist to create a space where pet enthusiasts and businesses can come together, creating a thriving pet-loving environment.

Beyond a Directory

At PETWITHIT, we offer an extensive directory of pet services, from trusted veterinarians to top-notch grooming salons and pet-friendly cafes. But we’re not just a list; we’re a bustling hub of pet knowledge. 

Here, pet owners post genuine reviews about the services they’ve used, share heartwarming stories of lost and found pets, and trade gently-loved pet products, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

UAE Pet Guide


PETWITHIT is the UAE`s ultimate pet guide.

1- Directory:

Find all pet service providers (Pet stores, vets, shelters, pet stores, and pet-friendly places) in UAE. You can filter by location, popularity, opening hours, etc. Read reviews on their pages

2- Events:

Find pet related events in UAE, adoption events, fun events and pet community events.

3- Lost & Found:

You can list a lost or a found pet

4- Adopt:

Find a list of pets up for adoption through different shelters and rescue groups (dogs, cats and rabbits)

5- Preloved:

You can list your second hand pet supplies for sale or find used items listed

6- Guide:

Your ultimate UAE pet guide. Read about places to visit and things to do with your pet. Adoption success stories, pet health and training topics

7- Ask:

The first pet forum in the region. Users can ask or answer any question related to pets.