A Guide to a Day Trip in Hatta With Your Dog

Experience the great outdoors of Hatta with your dog! With a nice breeze, a beautiful area with plenty of trees, and plenty of shady areas to stay cool, Hatta is the perfect place to have a fun day.

The drive to Hatta provides a contrasting backdrop as you go from city to desert, back to the city, then desert again before winding through the rocky peaks where the small town of Hatta is nestled in a valley.

Where to Stay?

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Embrace your adventurous spirit amidst the majestic Hajar Mountains in the heart of Hatta. Explore the rugged bike trails, hike to a mountain peak for impressive vistas, feel the adrenalin of a sky-high​ zipline and reconnect with nature as you glide your kayak across pristine lakes and the nice part about this is you can bring your furrbabies along in the pet-friendly hotel.

Terra Cabins

Picture this: A cozy cabin nestled amidst the breathtaking Al Hajar Mountains, your furry best friend by your side, and the serenity of nature all around. If this sounds like your kind of retreat, then JA Hatta Fort Hotel has a delightful surprise waiting just for you – Terra Cabins

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Things to do in Hatta with your Dog

Hatta Kayak

The vast lake formed by Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountains is becoming so popular among those who seek relaxation in a natural place and look for a new experience of practicing kayak sport in UAE or just a nice chill boat ride with your family and furrbabies.

Hike in Hatta with your Dog

Hatta is still developing on being a pet-friendly region, but we look forward to having it open for pet parents and we’ll keep you updated once they now have pet-friendly restaurants and cafes for you to visit.

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