Dog Supplies You Need in Your Car

Taking a road trip with your doggo is fun and worrisome at the same time you’ll need to ensure their safety and comfort ad will need a handful of dog car travel accessories.

We rounded up the best supplies you can use for your trip below

1. Car seat Dog Cover

First off! Protect your backseat from fur, scratches, and muddy paws with a car seat cover. Make sure it is durable enough to stand up to your pup and fits right around your headrests to create a “hammock” that contains your pet.

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2. Dog Safety Harness

With many different styles of seatbelts and safety harnesses for dogs look for wide straps and/or padded chest pieces for more comfort during the road trip. The harness should have a loop at the back or some other mechanism through which you strap from the car’s seatbelt. 

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3. Dog Ramp

Just because most of the time of the trip, your dog’s mobility is limited doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good ride. For travels with your elderly doggos or tiny pups bring along a lightweight car ramp for them to go more smoothly and save you from having to lift them in and out of the vehicle the entire trip. 

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4. Car Dog Barrier

To avoid your pup running to you up in front while driving, install these barriers between the front and back seats, or between the back seats and the cargo area of a vehicle. 

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5. Dog Seatbelt

To keep your doggo in place without running all over the car look for a dog car seat that clicks into your car’s existing seat-belt, not only is it providing an additional harness for the dog some seatbelts serves as a booster too so your lil’ pups can peek right outside the window

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Let us know your reviews/experience with the products in the comment section below!

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