Create the best life for your dog

Dubai Pet Guide is your ultimate guide to having a pet in the UAE. The book guides you through a journey from finding your furever companion to raising your pooch in a safe and healthy environment

Dubai Pet Guide features the BEST places to stay and things to do with your dog in all Emirates.

Whether your furry prefers to ruff it on a hiking adventure or sit in the lap of luxury at a five-star resort, the assortment of trips in this book is sure to have him (and you) begging for a vacation!

Dogs in Dubai

  • How to adopt a dog
  • How to foster a dog
  • Pet shelters & Rescue centers
  • Finding a dog friendly apartment
  • Dog insurance in Dubai

Dog Supplies

  • How to find the best dog leash
  • Picking a dog bed
  • Finding the best dog crate
  • Dog supplies you will need at home

Dog Friendly Places​

  • Dog friendly hotels
  • Dog friendly cafes
  • Dog parks in Dubai
  • Dog friendly beaches
  • Dog friendly events in Dubai

Dog Health

  • Dog vaccination
  • Dog insurance
  • Dog Parvo virus
  • Canine distemper

Things to do with your dog

  • Dog friendly adventures
  • Hiking with your dog in UAE
  • Road trips with your dogs in UAE
  • Camping with your dog

Dog Behavior

  • 101 puppy training
  • How to socialize your dog
  • Common training mistakes