As not all communities are welcoming to our fur buddies, this makes relocating or even visiting especially as a furmily difficult.

JVC, being a community away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is still easily accessible and is open to your furry ones.

If you want to get away from the busy, fast-paced lifestyle that Dubai offers. It’s easy to stay active within the community as there are amenities and parks all around and of course, provides multiple areas for you and your pets to walk around and enjoy the community.

Although it is limited when it comes to public transport, those who have their own transport and want a peaceful, not too far from the city Jumeirah Village Circle is the right fit.

To help you navigate around JVC with your pet’s needs, here are a few of our suggestions!


1.   JVC Express Veterinary Clinic

JVC Express Veterinary Clinic is nestled in the heart of JVC offering the local community medical care in the comfort of their neighborhood.

Find more details here

2.   Modern VET

They aim to pave the way to change and enrich the landscape of pet care in the UAE through world-class and comprehensive veterinary practice. Your pet is family, and your family deserves only the best.

Find more details here

3. Pet Lounge Clinic

From your veterinary needs to grooming and products for your furry needs, they’ve got you covered.

Know more and contact them


1. Dog Spot

Dog Spot is about everything dog. Doggy Daycare, Dog Training, Dog Grooming, and more. Located in JVC, Dubai, U.A.E.

Know more about Dog Spot

2. Furry Friends

Furry Friends is a Friendly Pet Grooming Store and does Mobile Grooming at your Doorsteps too. We also deliver Pet Food, Treats, Toys, Accessories & more.

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1. Pet Avenue

They are all about your pet’s needs and to keep them healthy & happy, their selection of pet supplies covers it all.

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2. Wonder Pets

Compassionate animal lovers who take care of your fur-friends in the right way and pamper them with countless products and services, giving them the affection they deserve.

They stand strong in support to rescue homeless pets too!

Know more about them and their products

3. Pet Emporium

The First Filipino Pet Shop in UAE. Clean and modern salon facility for grooming and wide arrays of products to professional services by our trained staff.

Get to know more about them here


1. Central Café (Temporarily Closed)

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Whether you enjoy a latte, a cappuccino, or simply black coffee their expertly crafted and freshly brewed has no match to ask for more after every cup.

Try out fruitful crepes, fluffy pancakes, cheesy pasta, or delightful avocado toast and sandwiches

2. Socialicious

Looking for a place to celebrate, bond, and create special memories over food, drinks, and fresh bakes?

Socialicoius would be the perfect fit!

Check out more

As JVC is a community that is still developing, the great outdoors is generally open to your furry friends.

Let us know of your experience if you do visit and comment in the comment section below or if you have any area suggestions in JVC that you’ve been to if not listed here.

For other places to go to in the UAE, you can check out our guide section and never run out of places to go to with your furry friends.

Stay updated with pet news, places to go and things to do with your pets in the UAE

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