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Jan 11
Prepare for Summer and Beat the Heat with Dog Cooling Mats

Dogs are especially susceptible to heat-related illnesses and can easily become overheated. That’s where dog cooling mats come in – a simple yet effective solution to help beat the heat and keep our beloved pets safe. We will explore how to prepare for summer and make use of dog cooling mats to provide relief from […]

Jan 11
Best Dog Door for a Convenient In-and-Out Experience

You know just how important it is to provide your furry friend with easy access to the great outdoors. Whether they need a bathroom break or simply want to stretch their legs, having the best dog door can make life so much more convenient for both you and your four-legged companion. The Importance of a […]

Dec 25
Why You Should Invest In a Premium Dog Bed

Does your furry friend deserve the best of everything? Of course they do! And when it comes to ensuring their comfort and well-being, a premium dog bed can make all the difference. Just like humans, dogs need quality sleep to recharge their batteries and maintain good health. But not all dog beds are created equal. […]

Nov 27
6 Amazing Pet Products You Can’t Miss on Amazon White Friday!

Are you ready to pamper your furry friend with the best deals this White Friday? We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you a compilation of fantastic pet products that promise to make your pet’s life happier, healthier, and more comfortable. Whether you’re a cat enthusiast, a dog lover, or have a little bit of everything, we’ve […]

Nov 19
6 Creative Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the joy than by including our beloved furry friends in the Christmas festivities? Our dogs bring so much happiness into our lives year-round, it’s only fitting that we show them some extra love during this magical time of year with these 6 Creative […]

Oct 08
5 Interactive Dog Toys under AED 100

Interactive dog toys are a fantastic way to keep your furry friend mentally stimulated and physically active. We understand the importance of providing your dog with engaging toys that won’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 interactive dog toys under AED 100 that your canine companion will absolutely love. […]

Oct 08
5 Dog Beds under AED 100: Comfort for Your Furry Friend on a Budget

As dog owners, we know that our four-legged companions deserve the best when it comes to comfort and rest. But providing them with a cozy spot to snooze doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve scoured Amazon to find you five affordable dog beds under AED 100 that offer quality and comfort without compromising your […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Toys on Amazon

Favorite Dog Toys Best Plush Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Ball Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Fetch Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Silent Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Chew Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Budget Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Interactive Dog Toy Check on Amazon Best Treat Dispensing […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Backpack on Amazon

Favorite Dog Backpack Best Front Dog Backpack Check on Amazon Best Backpack for Small Dogs Check on Amazon Best Dog Backpack for Outdoors Check on Amazon Best Dog Backpack for Older Dogs Check on Amazon Best Sling Dog Backpack Check on Amazon Best Airline Approved Dog Backpack Check on Amazon Best Dog Backpack for Hiking […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Stroller on Amazon

Favorite Dog Strollers Best Overall Dog Strollers Check on Amazon Best Dog Stroller for Large Dogs Check on Amazon Best Dog Stroller for Small Dogs Check on Amazon Best Dog Stroller for a Pack Check on Amazon Best Jogger Dog Stroller Check on Amazon

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Bike Trailer on Amazon

Favorite Dog Bike Trailer Best Overall Dog Bike Trailer Check on Amazon Best Overall Runner Up Dog Bike Trailer Check on Amazon Best Convertible Dog Bike Trailer Check on Amazon Best Dog Bike Trailer For Traveling Check on Amazon Best Dog Bike Trailer For Big Dogs Check on Amazon Best Dog Bike Trailer For Senior […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Bed on Amazon

Favorite Dog Bed Best Overall Dog Bed Check on Amazon Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Check on Amazon Best Cozy Dog Bed Check on Amazon Best Design Dog Bed Check on Amazon Best Dog Crate Mat Check on Amazon Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed Check on Amazon Best Dog Bed for Camping Check on Amazon Best […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Harness on Amazon

Favorite Dog Harness Best Fitting Dog Harness Check on Amazon Best Budget Dog Harness Check on Amazon Best Dog Training Harness Check on Amazon Best Design Dog Harness Check on Amazon Best Padded Dog Harness Check on Amazon Best Hiking Dog Harness Check on Amazon Best Harness for Large Dogs Check on Amazon Best Harness […]

Sep 30
Favorite Dog Collar on Amazon

Favorite Dog Collars Favorite Dog Collar for Large Dogs Check on Amazon Favorite Dog Collar for Puppies Check on Amazon Favorite Dog Collar for Small Dogs Check on Amazon Favorite Leather Dog Collar Check on Amazon Favorite Tracking Dog Collar Check on Amazon Favorite Reflective Dog Collar Check on Amazon

Aug 27
Say Goodbye to Dirty Floors: Must-Have Dog Doormats for Every Pet Owner

Are muddy pawprints and dirt trails becoming a regular sight in your home? Don’t worry, fellow pet owners, we have the solution you’ve been waiting for! Say goodbye to dirty floors once and for all with our must-have dog doormats. These incredible quirky mats are designed specifically to tackle the mess that comes along with […]

Jul 12
15 Pet Supplies on Amazon Prime Day that are too good to pass

Attention dog owners! Get ready for an exciting shopping extravaganza because Amazon Prime Day is here, and it’s time to pamper your furry friends like never before with these pet supplies on Amazon Prime Day. As proud dog parents, we know that finding the best pet supplies can sometimes be a challenge. But fear not! […]

Jun 27
Top 3 Love Bird Toys for Enriching Your Feathered Friend’s Life

Lovebirds are delightful and affectionate avian companions that thrive on social interaction and mental stimulation. Providing them with suitable love bird toys is essential to keep them entertained, engaged, and mentally stimulated. In this blog post, we will explore the top three love bird toys that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and […]

Jun 27
Top 5 Bird Toys for Engaging Avian Companions

Birds are intelligent and curious creatures that require mental stimulation and physical exercise to lead healthy and happy lives. Providing them with suitable bird toys is essential to keep them engaged and entertained. In this article, we will explore five different types of bird toys that are designed to meet the needs of various bird […]

Apr 08
A Guide to Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

If you are a dog parent who worries about your furry friend’s safety and well-being while you’re away, a dog camera with treat dispenser might be the perfect solution for you. These devices offer real-time monitoring, communication, and even the ability to dispense treats remotely. In this guide, we will explore five different types of […]

Mar 28
Dog Muzzle – Everything You Need to Know

As a responsible dog owner, it’s important to understand the different tools and equipment available to keep your dog and those around them safe. One of those tool is the dog muzzle. We’ll go over everything you need to know about dog muzzles, including why and when to use them, the different types available, and […]

Mar 23
A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Pee Pads

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to train your dog to relieve themselves in appropriate areas. However, this can be a challenge for many pet owners, especially those who live in apartments or have busy schedules. This is where dog pee pads can come in handy . In this guide, we will explore the […]

Mar 23
The Best Dog Toys for Playful Pups

As a dog owner, you know that your furry friend needs plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy. One way to achieve this is by providing them with engaging dog toys that they can play with. In this article, we’ll be exploring five different types of dog toys that are sure to […]

Mar 22
Stylish and Durable Dog Collars

Your dog collars are more than just a fashion accessory – it’s a crucial tool for keeping them safe and secure. Whether you’re taking them on a walk or just lounging at home, a sturdy and stylish collar is a must-have for any pet owner. And with discounts up to 25% off, now is a […]

Mar 22
Comfortable Dog Beds for a Good Night’s Sleep

As pet owners, we know how important it is for our furry friends to get a good night’s sleep. Just like humans, dogs need a supportive and comfortable dog beds to help them recharge and stay healthy. And now is the perfect time to invest in a high-quality dog bed. When choosing a dog bed, […]

Jan 21
Fur-get About It: Products and Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

Pet hair on furniture can be a source of frustration for pet owners. Not only does it make the furniture look unkempt, but it can also cause allergies and other health problems. Fortunately, there are ways and tips for removing Pet Hair from Furniture and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. From improved […]

Jan 21
​​Pet Shower Guide for your Furry Friend

Pet shower can be a daunting task. But what if you could get all the benefits of an actual shower without having to bring your beloved pet to the groomer?  With pet showers, you can provide your furry friend with a spa-like experience right at home! Read on to find out about the five surprising […]

Dec 31
Should I Have a Dog GPS Tracker

Not all pets are created equal or the same, for that matter. While some may enjoy a cozy home and plenty of exercise, others are more prone to running away and getting lost and would need a dog GPS tracker For those pets and their owners who don’t want to risk a possible tragedy, there […]

Dec 27
14 Gift Ideas for Dogs for the New Year

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a gift for your dog. Some people buy gifts for their dogs to show them love and appreciation, while others do it to make them feel included in holiday celebrations or special occasions. Here are 14 Gift Ideas for Dogs that can also be a […]

Sep 14
12 Best Hiking Gear for Dogs

Before you embark on your next outdoor adventure with your dog, you’ll want to keep them safe and comfortable as well as looking their best. This guide provides tips for the best hiking gear for dogs. There’s no need to wait until this fall or summer – be prepared now! Best Hiking Gear for Dogs […]

Sep 14
9 Best Pet Smart Devices You Need

With the many options available for pet smart devices, your life as a pet parent will be less stressful and easier overall. Your old-fashioned “good boy!” can now be replaced by automatic feeders and litter boxes. Best Pet Smart Devices BEST SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING CAT LITTER BOX Litter Robot boxes are equipped with […]

Sep 14
Best Dog Leash for Hiking

The best dog leash for hiking depends on breed, training level, or preference. Climbing rope dog leashes are good when setting off across rough trails as they are strong and safe. Hands-free leash that is perfect when you’re out on long hikes but still have your hand free to maintain balance and support. These hiking […]

Sep 14
Best Dog Shampoo for Your Furry Friend

For some dog owners, bath time can be a bonding experience. For others, everyone ends up soaked and nobody is happy. Having the best dog shampoo can make things easier when the goal is a clean pet that doesn’t smell like wet dog. Look for shampoos that dilutes easily, has a good clean, will not […]

Sep 14
Should You Buy a Dog Treadmill

Dog treadmill can be life-changing if your dog needs a walk at 5 am in the morning and the temperature is -10 degrees. Maybe you need to play with the doggie pool toys, but your furry friend is just staring at you. Or your dog might be overweight, so a slow feeder bowl might be […]

Sep 14
Best Luxury Dog Bed

For those concerned with interior design, traditional dog bed designs can be a headache. The solution? Elevating your dog’s sleeping surface and providing a show of style, with quality materials that are designed to provide ultimate comfort. Luxury dog bed is available for both cats and dogs. We have insight on design trends, product quality […]

Sep 13
Best Bully Sticks for Dogs –

Chews made from a certain part of a bull or steer are popularly known as bully sticks, bully bones or pizzles, and are typically 100 percent beef. Like any other treat long as you give them in moderation and supervise your pet when they chew on them, it won’t have a bad impact on your […]

Sep 13
9 Best Dog Brush for Your Furry Friend

What works for one dog may not work well for another; using a different tool will make your life a lot easier by cutting away this process. We have listed down the best dog brush for your furry friend Three types of dog coats determine what tools to use when grooming.  Fur-type Regular brushing helps […]

Sep 08
Best Dog Hiking Gear (What You Should Get to Hit The Trails With Your Best Friend)

When you’re taking your dog hiking, it’s important to have the right gear so they can enjoy the hike. There are a number of essentials you need to have to get them through the hike safely including first aid kits and backpacks. Here is the best dog hiking gear based on customer reviews. 1- BEST […]

Sep 08
The Best Gift For Dog Lovers (That They Would Totally Buy Themselves)

One of the best ways to buy a gift for dog lovers is to get something that celebrates their love for their canine friends. After all, pet owners know what they like – and they love dogs! We’ve rounded up the best gift for dog lovers, and there are gift ideas for everyone on this […]

Sep 08
9 Best Dog Toys

Most dogs love toys. They’ll play with them by shaking, catching, rolling, chewing, and cuddling the best dog toys. Even just knocking a ball on a wood floor also stimulates their brain and helps expel pent up energy. Testing different types of toys with many different dogs, we found that not every dog likes every […]

Sep 03
8 Best Dog Collar of 2024

Dog collar can serve many purposes, such as keeping your pet close by, or correcting your dog’s behaviour. There are collars in use that do more than just restrain your dog; they can glow in the dark and provide personalized identification for you and your pet. 8 Best Dog Collar of 2024 1- BEST OVERALL: […]

Sep 03
5 Best Car Seat for Dogs

In order to purchase a car harness, seat, or other restraint for your dog, it’s important that you know and understand the considerations for safety and fit. Even though some car seat for dogs are good, they aren’t necessarily safe. Product crash tests by the nonprofit association Center for Pet Safety will offer guidelines on […]

Sep 03
7 Best Dog Bandanas

Humans can reuse bandanas, but dog owners need a more specific bandana. Dog bandanas are used to protect your pets from the heat when they go for a walk, or to show that the day is important. For example, for their birthdays or holidays. We looked for dog bandanas that are made with high quality […]

Sep 02
7 Best Dog Accessories

There are many accessory options for dogs, but choosing can be overwhelming. Some choices will be more practical or better depending on your needs and lifestyle. So we have listed done our top pick of the best dog accessories Our Best Dog Accessories 1- BEST GPS PET TRACKER: WHISTLE GO EXPLORE DOG GPS TRACKER The […]

Sep 02
11 Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Our dogs can suffer from dental problems, just like us humans. Most dogs show early signs of gum disease (periodontal disease) by the time they’re 3 years old. On top of regular teeth brushings and veterinary care, dental chews for dogs should be a part of your dog’s oral care routine. This also satisfies our […]

Jun 10
3 Simple Homemade Pet Toys

Does your dog always seem to be bored, even after walks and playtime at the park? If so, you might want to try making them some new homemade pet toys! In this article, we’ll show you three easy DIY toys that you can make for your pet using things you probably already have around the […]

May 15
What You Need to Pack When Traveling With Your Pet

All animal lovers know that traveling with your precious pet is one of the best parts of going on vacation. However, it can be a stressful time for your furry friend, so pack these items to make your trip more enjoyable and less chaotic when travelling with your pet 5 things you need if you […]

May 14
The 4 Best Dog Bed in 2024

To sleep comfortably, you need to have the right sized bed. For a small sized dog, tiny canine companionship can be hard to find. Ideally, if you’re a pet owner, you should ask your veterinarian what is the best dog bed for your pooch’s size. How to find the best dog bed? Dogs need a […]

May 14
Choosing the Best Dog Crate in 2024

Choosing the best dog crate is important. You will have to consider safety and size, and any extra features you may want. Whether you have a large or small dog, it is important to consider what type of crate you are looking for. For example, those that travel often may need a collapsible lightweight plastic […]

May 14
Best Pet Camera in Dubai 2024

For better ways to watch your pet at home, you can find the best pet camera that has features such as treat dispensing, one-way or two-way audio, motion notifications and video recording. Depending on the technical equipment you love, you can also get an ideal pet camera configuration with more advanced options. For budget-friendly options, […]

May 14
5 Gift Ideas for Every Dog Mom

Want to make a dog mom feel special by giving her a gift? Whether it is a stay at a pet-friendly hotel or just a candle that captures the breed of their favorite pup, these items will satisfy every motherly pet owner. 5 Gift Ideas for Every Dog Mom 1. Pet-friendly Staycation Dog and me, […]

May 07
6 Things You Must Have on a Dog Beach Day

Summer is coming! Make sure you have everything ready for your dog to enjoy the day by the seaside, whether it’s playing or sunbathing. These supplies will make your dog beach trip all the more worthwhile. We have been exploring all dog friendly beaches in Dubai to find places your dog can swim and we […]

Apr 16
3 Best Dog Lick Mat of 2024

Dog Lick Mat is a rubbery puzzle that comes in many different sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns it is more than a toy and you can smear food onto it for your dog’s benefit. Sometimes it can become not only a mat but as a small plate or a shallow bowl. Benefits of dog lick […]

Apr 16
8 Best Dog Leash You Should Have

Leashes are an important piece of equipment that can both keep your dog safe and assist you while training. Finding the best dog leash is an important task as they can be used to stop unwanted behaviors, or help with the recall (coming when called). Leashes come in a variety of styles, so consider the […]

Apr 10
The Best Dog Food Bowl for Your Furry

Dog food bowls are often overlooked, but if you were to take a microscope to the party of bacteria that is happening, you wouldn’t realize just how gross and greasy they are. I’m going to go over which bowls are safe for your dog based on what type of surface they’re on, how often to […]

Apr 10
5 Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Dogs are loved all over the world, but many dogs suffer from bad breath. You might love kissing your dog and getting licks in return, but you don’t have to miss out on that blissful moment.  Here are some ideas for dog treats for bad breath you can give your best friend that will help […]

Apr 10
5 Dog Interactive Feeding Toys

New dog interactive feeding toys and puzzles will provide your dog with physical and mental activities. Today, pets are living a life of abundance. They have luxurious items like Pupper cups and Pawtisseries by Maison de Pawz. They get fresh food delivered, like Pet Plate and The Farmer’s Dog. Compared to how animals in the […]

Apr 10
Dog Books You Should Have

If you’re looking for a dog books that’s guaranteed to give you the feels, we recommend that you try these 5 books. 5 Best Dog Bogs 1. Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words If you want to unlock the secret to teaching your own pup how to identify the […]

Apr 03
Dog Lick Mat

Dog Lick Mat is more than just a toy. You can use it as a plate or shallow bowl. A rubbery puzzle I can smear food onto that comes in many different sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns. My dogs love your treats and you keep them busy! A dog lick mat may sound like an […]

Mar 20
How to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature is rising significantly, of course, this affects how to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat as we may have to make some changes for them to stay comfortable and safe during this time. Not all pets are can adjust to the weather as we do […]

Mar 05
Monitor Your Dog Exercise With This Dog Activity Tracker

Communicating with our pets is rather difficult, and understanding their every need is hard to know. Not with this dog activity tracker, you can better understand your pet’s behaviour and health. This Smart Pet Activity tracking device monitors and tracks movements, emotions, and health conditions in addition to both short and deep sleep intervals with […]

Feb 19
5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

Celebrating your dog’s birthday is a must! After all who doesn’t like to party!!  You may be wanting to find something extra special for your furry friend on this special day, so we made this list of dog birthday gift ideas to make it easier for you! Why get a gift for your dog? There […]

Feb 19
Must Have Cat Supplies

A few things that you must have before getting that kitty comfy in their home. This is so ideally your fuzzball can begin exploring and getting used to things as soon as they come home. Try to currently use those stuff to play with before bringing him home to help them be more comfortable with […]

Feb 19
Cute Outfits For Your Dog

Dressing them up is not only for the seasons, but it also helps them to stay warmer while rocking the fashion! Did I mention It is adorable? Well, IT IS ADORABLE!! We have listed down 5 Cute dog outfits for your pup Here are some of our chosen styles to start! 5 Cute Dog Outfits […]

Feb 19
Birds Accessories You Must Have

Before bringing your pets home, you should always be prepared for everything that they would need. Having a bird is no different, and still requires time, and here’s what you need and why you need it! Here are a few of what we gathered to help you keep them tweeting that sweet tune! Birdhouse A […]

Feb 19
5 Cute Outfits for Your Cat

Outfits for Your Cat is not only for the seasons, but it also helps them to stay warmer while rocking the fashion! Did I mention It is adorable? Well, IT IS ADORABLE!! Up the style; not for you, but your fuzzy buds!  5 Cute Outfits for Your Cat 1- Cat Head Piece For that adorable […]

Feb 13
5 Smart Dog Toys that will Keep your Dog Tired

Always on your toes wondering which next item your pup will munch on? One of the biggest worries of us fur parents is when our pups are left alone and go crazy! They need stimulation — mentally and physically — else; CHAOS!. Interactive dog toys get your pet’s attention and keep them occupied. This prevents […]

Feb 13
Pet Grooming kit every Dog Owners Needs

With this current and recent pandemic, we have had the experience of not being able to visit the groomers for a while. But! This does not mean that our dog’s hygiene should be at risk!  As we pet parents rely on professionals to keep our pups looking like the star that is we now have […]

Feb 13
5 Home Essentials for a New Puppy

Having your first pup is one of the most exciting events that you’ll experience as a pet lover! But we should be ready to go get our furry bundle of joy, and be prepared for what they would need! To lessen the stress and thinking; We’re here to help! Our checklist covers the basics of […]

Feb 13
Dog Supplies You Need in Your Car

Taking a road trip with your doggo is fun and worrisome at the same time you’ll need to ensure their safety and comfort ad will need a handful of dog car travel accessories. We rounded up the best supplies you can use for your trip below 1. Car seat Dog Cover First off! Protect your backseat from […]

Feb 13
Creative pet supplies that will make your life easier

Having a dog is one of life’s great joys — it may come with messes, destroyed furniture, and those ever-dreaded health issues (knock on wood!). Fortunately, just like with us humans, there are plenty of gadgets out there that will allow your furry best friend to enjoy! Here are our suggestions that you and your […]