A doggo has been left out in the Summer Heat!

A doggo has been left out in the Summer Heat!

Every now and then, there comes a reckless pet owner who does something to put their furrbabies in jeopardy.

With the Dubai Heat still going strong, it’s hard to believe how anyone can leave a poor pup out in this heat on the balcony without shade or water.

Stray Dogs Center has recently shared a post on their social media feed showing a husky out on the balcony with a dirty surrounding and lots of excrement. The poor husky has been left out with no humans around and no water to quench its thirst.

The team of stray dogs center mentioned on the post “We have volunteers onsite…Owner is not opening the door…Authorities have been contacted but the doggy remains outside on the balcony.” and the matter has also been brought up to the authorities wherein Dubai Municipality shared an update “kindly note that our team is currently there to take necessary actions”.

Luckily the husky has now been rescued and is safe hands as per the latest update of Stray Dogs Center.

As pet owners we should be responsible and make sure if we are taking our furrbabies out to relieve themselves in the balcony that they should always be watched upon and have proper shade and water as well, as the Dubai heat is no joke especially with dogs that are double coated.

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