Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Best Dog Leash for Hiking

The best dog leash for hiking depends on breed, training level, or preference. Climbing rope dog leashes are good when setting off across rough trails as they are strong and safe.

Hands-free leash that is perfect when you’re out on long hikes but still have your hand free to maintain balance and support.

These hiking leashes will hopefully give you some ideas of durable, compact design on easy to use tools that attach to your dog’s collar. These are lightweight and ideal for your dog’s all-purpose needs.

Hiking with your dog is a fantastic option for any day of the week! Some breeds of dogs are better suited to hiking than others, so always research your dog’s ability or ask a vet about suitable distances. A comfortable collar or harness is key to giving dogs the best experience while hiking.

Best Dog Leash for Hiking

  • Knot-A-Leash
  • Ridgeline Leash
  • Slip Lead
  • Tape Leash
  • 2 Handle Leash
  • Slackline Leash
  • Reflective Adventure Leash
  • Long Trainer Leash


knot a leash

Coiled rope leashes work great while hiking because they are durable, strong and can handle all the wear and tear that would happen with normal use.

These climbing inspired leashes have an interior core and sheath made with a reflective exterior.


  • Suitable for all sized breeds. Strong & supple kernmantle rope lead
  • Rugged lead for adventure-loving dogs
  • Comfortable to hold on long walks thanks to the tubular webbing handle
  • Locking metal carabineer clip
  • Trail d Promise


Ruffwear’s ultra-lightweight leash is the perfect hiking accessory for running sports, hikes, and other activities where a little more protection might be necessary for your pooch.

The Wavelength™ webbing is renowned for its shock-absorbent properties, as well as its ability to let your dog sniff the ground before they are put on a leash.


  • Swiveling lockable Crux Clip is lightweight and low-profile
  • Wavelength webbing absorbs shock
  • Compact design easily fits into a pocket


If you want a leash your dog won’t be able to pull, then try the Mendota Slip Lead. It’s an easy to use all-in-one lead that requires skill and experience in order to handle properly, but might be the perfect one for hiking with your dog because it’s thicker than most other leashes.

Always make sure you have a 1/2″ thick slip lead like this one instead of a thin more common version so your pet does not feel as much pressure.


  • Slip lead is a leash and collar in one convenient design for walking and training.
  • Made from a waterproof, vibrant, long lasting and machine washable polypropylene rope.
  • Soft on the hands with a “broken in” feel that is easy to use and pliable enough to roll up.
  • Adjustable to fit any size


The Flexi Giant Tape Leash is super long and comes in 3 different lengths for different breeds of dogs. This durable, easily handled retractable leash allows your dog to roam without being bothered.

The knobby webbed tape is perfect for sports on soft or hard soil and the durable buttons are easy to use, making it a great bet for controlling activity.


  • Retractable Belt Dog Leash Extends up to 26 Feet
  • Supports Dogs Up to 110 Pounds


The Primal Pet Gear dual handle dog leash offers more control than maybe any other dog walking leash on this list. One padded handle at the end of the leash (8 feet) and another one close to the clip (1 foot) allow you to go from casual walking to up-close control in an instant.

The double handle design may not be necessary for some people but if you worry about your dog’s behavior then the more control you have, the better.


  • 2 handles
  • Great control
  • New stronger clip
  • Medium to large dogs only
  • Premium quality


For walks that are not as leisurely, stay comfortable and have a quick access to your dog with the adjustable-length Leash.

The padded handle is comfortable for longer walks, and the adjustable clip makes it easy to attach your leash to a post if you need to do some shopping.


  • Adjustable-length leash that can be hand-held or waist-worn
  • A padded handle that’s comfortable to hold while walking
  • Reflective webbing for better visibility in low-light conditions


Chai’s Choice Reflective Adventure Leash is highly visible and lightweight. This 3M Scotchlite material provides visibility in the dark and bright orange means it’s easy to spot if you drop it on a trail.

The woven mesh dries quickly if it gets wet so you can continue your adventure without leave behind a muddy mess. Available in two different sizes and 5 colors.


  • Padded soft mesh
  • 3m reflective material
  • Duraflex leash attachment
  • Many size and color choices available


This long-lasting leash is strong, tough, and durable and offers lots of freedom while still giving you control over your dog. A roll-up strap and light weight make it a good choice anywhere where camping gear is required to get the job done right.


  • High-Quality Nylon Leash
  • Quick Coil System
  • The Perfect Length
  • Great for Any Breed


With a few standard options to choose from and they have their use so pick which works best for you.

1- Standard Dog Leash

A standard dog leash is generally 6 feet long and is most commonly made from nylon or leather.

They typically have a comfortable handle and can be carabinered to almost anything. You should read our guide below for more information on what to look for when buying a new one.

2- Training Leash

Training leashes are designed to provide your dog the freedom to move naturally in and at camp, but they have a downside–they are bulky.

They usually range from 3 meters to almost 30 meters in length and are made from durable nylon webbing. Not only is training with these leashes important for our four-legged friends, but you can use them as needed for every day walks with your dog.

3- Slip Leash

These leashes may be considered harsh by some, but they work as training tools for dogs who pull. For well-behaved dogs that don’t wear a collar, a slip leash is an easy and fast way to hike with your dog.

Some knowledge or training is required to use these correctly but once mastered, you can teach any dog not to pull with some well-timed tugs and commands.

4- Flexi-leash

Stretchy or elasticated leashes offer comfort to both the dog and its owner by limiting sudden movement.

It allows your canine a temporary reprieve from physical fatigue, as well as eliminating another source of tension during walks.

These leashes are ideal for hiking conditions but should be used with caution because of their lack of control.

5- Elasticated Leash

Stretchy or elasticated leashes offer comfort to both the dog and owner by reducing the ability to jolt one another.

The resistance in a stretchy leash may help tire your dog out faster than normal as they are now battling the forces of physics as well as your muscles.

These stretchy dog leashes can be ok for hiking but the lack of control means your dog should be fairly well-mannered.

6- Hands-Free Leash

Hands-Free Leashes are a helpful product for small dogs and well-trained medium-sized dogs, but may not be an ideal product for hiking adventures.

For those who still value the hands-free option, why not add a climbing carabiner to any regular leash handle to attach to your belt or backpack?

These leashes are great for joggers and they can work well for hiking, too. Be wary of doing this with big dogs because it will be difficult to control them.


For trails where other people or dogs are likely to be present, I would recommend a standard 6-foot long leash nine times out of ten.

These are the most reliable type of dog leash for hiking. They give you lots of hand control in close quarters and they’re sturdy, too.

1- Handle

Good handles on the leash should be comfortable and doesn’t cause your hand pain even if you’re pulling.

The best type of leash is one with a padded handle that feels like a spongy. The worst kind of leash to use during hikes is a thin one, which neither are comfortable nor secure.

2- Length

Whenever you’re walking your dog, the length of your leash is up to you and the type of dog. Some people use a longer leash for puppies, in case they need more control when running around.

Others like to use a shorter leash that is easy to take off in order to throw it away from prying eyes.

3- Strength

Typically, the force you exert on your dog when walking it is proportional to the strength and size of your pet.

If you’re hiking with a bigger or stronger dog, a stronger leash will be needed. In contrast, if you have a small or well-behaved dog, you’ll want to choose something durable enough to last more than six months.

4- Attachment Clip

The most important feature of any dog leash is the attachment clip and how secure it is. 

5- Weight

Weight is not a factor if you are only counting grams and your dog is small. Unless it might be too heavy for your dog, spend the time on a lighter leash.

We feel that weight doesn’t matter as much as you might think.

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