Beware of Scammers Selling Dogs Online in Dubai

In recent years, many people in Dubai have fallen victim to scams involving online advertisements for dogs. These scams selling dogs often involve fraudsters asking buyers to transfer a deposit for a dog that they will never receive.

In this article, we’ll share some real-life stories of people who have been scammed and provide tips on how to avoid falling victim to these illegal practices.

How to Identify a Scammer

The problem of dog scams in Dubai has been on the rise in recent years. Many people are using online platforms to advertise their dogs for sale, making it easy for scammers to pose as legitimate sellers and deceive unsuspecting buyers.

  • Scammers often use false identities, fake pictures, and bogus documents to gain the trust of buyers and take their money.
  • They tend to use online platforms like Facebook or Instagram or online classified websites like Dubizzle
  • They send you pictures and videos of lovely puppy playing and they usually say they live far or in a different country in case if you asked to see the dog.
  • They ask you to transfer a deposit just to cover up the cost of the transportation company soo they can ship the dogs to your place

Real Scam Stories in Dubai

Scam story 1:

One victim of these scams reported encountering an “alarm scam,” where the seller requested payment to change the dog’s passport before delivery.

The seller claimed to be based in Abu Dhabi and asked for payment via Amazon voucher cards. The victim wisely refused to pay in advance and shared his concerns with the police.

Scam story 2:

Another victim responded to an advertisement for two puppies at a reduced price due to the seller’s daughter being in a car accident.

The seller asked for a deposit to hold the puppies but refused to provide a location or contact information until payment was made. The buyer declined and was blocked by the seller.

Scam story 3:

A third victim of a scammer group in Dubai sought to buy a white French bulldog and was sent several real videos of dogs via WhatsApp.

The scammers provided a location in Ruwais for pick up but later demanded a deposit for a transport company. The victim eventually made a deposit of 4,200 dirhams, only to be asked for an additional 7,880 dirhams for the transport company.

Scammers Arrested:

In August 2022, three Asian expats were sentenced to prison and deportation for defrauding a man through an online pet trading website. The victim paid 2,500 dirhams for a dog but was later asked for 8,000 dirhams as a refundable deposit for the shipping company.

The victim declined and was asked to send 1,500 dirhams to another account. After paying the amount, the victim realized he had been scammed and reported the case to the police.

How to Adopt a Dog Legally:

Chance adoption story

To avoid falling victim to these scams, it’s important to adopt a dog legally. You can find reputable rescue center or animal shelters in Dubai through official channels, such as the Dubai Municipality’s Animal Welfare section, Sharjah Cats and dogs shelter, stray dogs center UAQ or RAK AWC.

Be sure to ask for proper documentation and avoid making any payment in advance. You should also visit the dog in person and spend time with them before making a decision.

Scammers selling dogs online in Dubai is a serious issue that can cause financial and emotional distress for victims. By sharing these stories and tips on how to avoid being scammed, we hope to raise awareness and protect people from falling victim to these illegal practices. Remember, adopting a dog should be a joyous experience, and it’s essential to do it legally and with caution.

What you need to know before adopting

  • Adopting a dog in Dubai can provide companionship, emotional support, and unconditional love.
  • It is important to consider your lifestyle and environment before selecting a dog, such as size, energy level, and climate.
  • Before adopting a dog, it is important to do research on different breeds and their living requirements.
  • There are over 4,000 stray dogs in Dubai that have been abandoned by their owners.
  • Ways to adopt a dog in Dubai include reaching out to shelters and rescue centers.
  • Some shelters in Dubai include the Stray Dogs Center, RAK Animal Welfare Center, and Dubai Municipality Veterinary Section.
  • Anyone found guilty of animal cruelty in Dubai can face jail time and a fine starting at Dh10,000.

Adoption Success Stories

Dog adoption is a wonderful option if you are looking to add a furry companion to your family, not all dogs for adoption are online scams. We would love to share with you some of the adoption success stories for dogs and cats in Duabai

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