Why You’ll Love Cat Cafes in Dubai

If you love cats, then a day of hanging out with cats and sipping coffee is sure to make your day better. We’ve made a list of some Cat cafes in Dubai to go to enjoy some kitty time!

Cat cafes in Dubai consists of providing coffee and tea, as well as food and beverages to people, while allowing cats to roam free within an enclosed space.

The animals are not only adorable but also provide therapeutic effects such as stress relief and companionship. There’s nothing like cuddling with a friendly feline after a stressful day at work!

Cats cafes provide a social environment in which people can come to relax and interact with the cafe’s furry residents.

Cat Cafes in Dubai

1. Cat Café Vibrissae

Locations: Al Safa Park Complex & Mirdif 35

In Cat Cafe Vibrissae, you can spend quality time with cats while drinking your favorite hot cup of coffee.  They care for café cats and are set on making their time at the café as loving, stress-free and a joyous experience.

So whether it’s your first time visiting them or your hundredth, come wag your stress out by spending a few hours with them and feel paw-sitively good!

2. The Cat Café 

Location: Arjan, Dubai

Some of the amazing cat café cats are available for adoption, wherein they at the café find forever homes for these fur babies.

The cat café is a great place for cat lovers to visit especially those who are unable to have pets at their homes due to the pace of their lives, allergies, financial situation, responsibility of owning a cat, not allowed pets on their rental, and many other reasons

3. Ailuromania Cat Cafe Dubai

Location: Ta’Rada Street, Umm Suqiem, Dubai

Are you a crazy cat person? Then this is the place for you! Whether you have cats at home & want to see some more, cannot commit to having a kitty at home or even your building doesn’t allow pets- this is your ideal place! It is also family-friendly spot that houses adoptable kitties from RAK Animal Welfare Center.

If you’re looking for the purrrfect way to spend some time, explore these cat cafes in Dubai.

These cat cafes provide a calming, no-pressure atmosphere with plenty of time for humans and felines to get comfortable with each other.

You can sip on your favorite beverage while petting a furry friend or just watch the cute, furry things go about their business.

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