Dog Birthday Cakes

Dog Birthday Cakes

Whether you’re person who owns a dog, or you have a friend who does, it can be hard to think of a birthday present for your furry friend. There are so many options out there! What do you get for someone’s dog? Dog birthday cakes come with unique flavors and shapes that range from traditional cake designs to more modern ones like cupcakes.

Can dogs eat cake?

You may be asking yourself, “can dogs eat cake”? The answer is yes and no. Cake is made of flour, sugar, and eggs which are good for your dog but not a healthy treat for them.

There are other options for your dog’s birthday party like ice cream or cookies so don’t go crazy trying to find the perfect cake for your pup. But, it is still good to have a cake for your dogs birthday party. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider serving cake instead of a treat:

Cake is more healthy than a treat. Dogs are known to be picky eaters and they will not be very interested in the cake if they do not like it. If you want them to eat their birthday cake then make sure that it is tasty. 

What cake should you get for your dog?

This might not be the healthiest thing for your pet, but it’s okay to feed them cake if you must. There are many bakeries that make specially designed cakes for dogs and there are also a few dog-friendly cake recipes online. 

If you’re having a hard time deciding the right cake for your dog, it might be helpful to know that dogs seem to prefer different kinds of cakes.

There are many factors that affect how much a cake will make your dog happy, including the type of frosting used and the size of the cake. Some dogs like vanilla-based cakes with whipped cream and strawberries, while others prefer chocolate-based cakes with peanut butter frosting and bananas.

Where to buy dog cakes in the UAE?

Birthday Cakes for Dogs

1. Dog Bake

Dog bakesDog Bake creates all natural, organic treats for dogs that are fresh baked with love. They provide delivery across the UAE.

2. Petslovn

Celebrate your pets birthday or special occasions with cakes, cupcakes and cake sticks, delivered right to your doorsteps.

Looking for a tasty treat for your dog’s birthday? These 100% organic treats are the perfect way to celebrate. You can personalise them with your pet’s name and lots of different flavours.

3. Mutt Madness Dog Bakery

Homemade dog biscuits, treats & cakes for your furry friends to enjoy!

4. Woof Bakery

The Woof Bakery was created specifically for dog and cat lovers. They use natural ingredients in all their delicious treats to make them perfect for your pet’s diet. Creating artisan shape, made from natural recipes, and packed in a presentable packaging is perfect for your dog or cat.

Give your furry friend a happy and healthy birthday with these amazing cakes!

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