All you need to know : Finding a Dog Walker in Dubai

All you need to know : Finding a Dog Walker in Dubai

There is nothing more precious than being able to walk with your dog. Every day, every pet needs exercise for their physical and mental well-being. If we are realistic, sometimes we need to be at work and don’t have time for the necessary exercises. That can lead to guilt, which should be avoided when possible by finding a dog walker in Dubai

The good news is, there’s no need to feel bad about not being able to walk your dog yourself. A professional dog walker will know how to handle an emergency and keep them healthy.

It saves you the trouble of getting a neighbor’s son who may not be able to care for the situation as well.

Instead of walking your dog yourself, you should hire a professional dog walker. This helps you avoid any potential harm that could come to you or your dog.

You can find them through sites and Apps like these who require potential dog walkers to be licensed and trained before being hired by clients.

How to find qualified dog walker in Dubai?

1. Tap into your Circle

Your friends and family may have recommendations for dog walking services that can get your pup the exercise it needs.

2. Your Pet Providers

Many people in the dog care industry have contacts with people who work as dog walkers. It’s also possible for dog trainers to offer a walking service, which is great for getting your favorite canine companion some exercise and additional support with behavioral issues or leash training.

3. Search through the Internet

If you are looking for a pet walker, use the internet to find trained individuals and reviews from other pet owners. 

Finding the right dog walker

Your budget is a key consideration to narrow down your search. It’s important to find what you can realistically spend and expect from the company/person you choose to work with. Find the right dog walker by understanding your pup’s behavior!

You’ll want to find a dog walker who can walk your pet when you need them. Are they available just during the mornings? Whenever you’re out of town?

Before the interview process for your potential dog walkers, it is important to make sure you have communicated to them what is expected from them and set out the things you require.

Questions to Ask a dog walker

  • Is your company licensed ?
  • What type of training have you had? (you’re looking for someone with training in pet-care, behavior, and first aid).
  • Ask for references
  • Is it better to walk one dog at a time or to have multiple dogs in tow?
  • How do you decide where you’re going to walk your dog?
  • How can I accurately measure the duration of each walk with my dog?
  • Cancellation policy? If you are unable to attend on any given day, what will happen?

By doing research and asking good questions, you can find a dog walker that will best suit your pet’s needs.

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