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With abandoned animals close to our hearts, we originally set out to help the UAE’s animal welfare groups send rescue pets to their new forever homes, at as low a cost as possible and, in some cases, completely free of any fees. As our reputation grew, we began to receive enquiries directly from pet parents so took the decision to take the plunge, two feet and all paws, to expand and Pawsome Pets was born. Moving your world around the world. 

From small beginnings we have grown to the company we are today.   Offering bespoke import and export travel solutions to and from the UAE, we have helped thousands of pets travel safely around the world (and in some cases back again). We have a fleet of customised pet transport vehicles and offer boarding in our very own luxury cat condos or for the pupsters, with trusted partners in their amazing daycare and boarding facilities. 

More recently we took the step of becoming members of IPATA and ATA, global organisations whose primary focus is the safe and ethical transportation of pets around the world. We are extremely proud to share the values these organisations hold, both of whom have a stringent vetting process for their members. We are bound by (and hold ourselves accountable to) the highest global standards in pet travel, care and well-being.