Meet King and His Top 3 Dog Friendly Spots

Meet King and His Top 3 Dog Friendly Spots

Meet King, the charming English Labrador who embarked on a journey all the way from Hungary at the age of four months. Now, after spending several delightful years together, King calls Ajman home.

His owner chose the neighborhood specifically for King’s enjoyment, ensuring proximity to Petcare Ajman, his favorite daycare, and a nearby horse farm where he gets to play with horses and fellow doggies. They also explore areas outside the neighborhood, such as the flamingos and the previously mentioned spots.

About King:

King, the English Labrador, has become an inseparable part of his owner’s life. From the landscapes of Hungary to the serene beaches of the UAE, King has embraced every adventure with enthusiasm. Living in Ajman, King not only enjoys his daily activities but also cherishes the moments spent with his human and fellow four-legged friends.

King’s Top Pet-Friendly Places:

1- Lumi Beach, UAQ:

Why Lumi Beach?

Lumi Beach holds a special place in King’s heart. With its sensational calm atmosphere, beautiful trees, and white sand, it’s an ideal spot for a drink, lunch, or dinner with furry friends. It’s a go-to beach, closer to home, where King can interact with more dogs and enjoy the coastal breeze.

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2- Banan Beach, RAK:

Why Banan Beach?

Banan Beach Camp offers a unique and artistic escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Nestled in Marjan Island – RAK, this beach resort provides a dog-friendly haven. With tents and a wide dog-friendly beach, it’s the perfect place for King to chill by the waves, enjoying the calm and serenity.

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3- UAQ Beach Mangrove:

Why UAQ Beach Mangrove?

Umm Al Quwain mangroves beach, with its pristine waters overlooking Al Yafra Creek, is a gem for environmental and cultural tourism. King loves the wooden deck and the feeling of being transported out of the UAE. Chilling there after a walk is their favorite part, enjoying the view and tranquility.

King’s journey in the UAE is filled with beach escapades, playful moments, and the joy of discovering beautiful pet-friendly spots. Stay tuned for more tales of delightful dogs exploring the best spots in the UAE!

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