Our Weekly Dose of a Pet Friendly UAE

Let’s rewind and relive an awesome week packed with a pet friendly UAE including adventures, exciting news, and a bunch of cool places to check out with your furry pals!

Keep reading to uncover the latest buzz and an array of exhilarating activities that await you and your furry companion, promising an extraordinary weekend of shared joy and excitement.

Our Weekly Dose of a Pet Friendly UAE

Why vitamins are essential for your furry friends

Did you know that dog vitamins play a crucial role in maintaining your pets overall health? Puppy vitamins are essential for providing your pup with the necessary nutrients to help them grow strong and healthy.

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Pet Friendly Staycation at W Abu Dhabi

Escape to the capital and enjoy a paw-some staycation in Abu Dhabi! Luna and her pawrent Daisy, takes us to W Abu Dhabi. Unleashing fun and relaxation together in this pet-friendly haven!

Join Stray Dogs Center weekly dog walks and socialization

Stray Dogs Center organizes a variety of fun and engaging activities to raise funds for the shelter’s operational expenses.

These activities focus on adoption promotion, socialization, grooming, and providing much-needed exercise for the shelter dogs.

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This Abu Dhabi beach destination now welcomes pets

If you’ve been dreaming of a beach getaway where you can bring your furry friend along, look no further than Al Maya Island & Resort.

Located just a short boat trip away from Abu Dhabi, this stunning island paradise is now officially a pet-friendly resort and beach club, offering a day of fun in the sun for both you and your four-legged companion.

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Pet Events happening this weekend

Ready to find your perfect furry friend this weekend? Embark on an incredible journey of pet events and pet adoption events and open your home to a new best buddy!

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