Your Guide to a Pet Friendly New Year`s eve

Your Guide to a Pet Friendly New Year`s eve

It’s the time to celebrate and welcome the year with a brand new start. Although the celebration can sound more like a nightmare than a party for our furry friends, before the fun, let’s talk about a safe pet friendly new year!

Keep Your Dog Safe with these few tips:

1- Turn on the radio or TV

The constant noise will help distract him. Especially soothing music will help the most, but turn on the radio or TV a few hours before the festivities begin so your dog can associate the noise with peace and comfort.

2- Give them a lot of exercise

If your pup has less energy, the less he’ll be prone to panic during the fireworks.

3- Distract them with toys or a treat

Either give them their favorite treat so they can associate the noise with positive things or give them their favorite chew toy or a kong filled with peanut butter this will keep them distracted

3- Speak to your Veterinarian

As the coming holiday will only heighten your pet’s nerves, its better to consult your vet so they can advise the best thing to do for your dogs.


1- Hit the Road

When you know your neighborhood will have a lot of loud noises and fireworks it can be a good idea to just hit the road and get out of town. It’ll be like a little vacay for just you and your furbaby as you welcome New Year together.

2- Dress-up Party

Get Dressed In Your New Year’s Best And Insta All The Way

Who said staying home is boring? You can always still both get dressed up and dapper in the craziest way. And if you know your dog will get nervous once the fireworks start going off, a Thundershirt is the way to go as it will surely help to de-stress them, which you can also top it off with a matching outfit. Finish off the look with some cute New Year’s hats for the both of you. Have fun posting adorable pics in Instagram!

3- Have a Dog Party

What’s more fun than having a dog – having more dogs ofcourese! If you have friends with the same love for doggos why not have a party and invite the dogs too. This way the dogs will get to party with you and not have to be left at home alone. You can play games that involve the dogs for some fun entertainment or even have a doggy talent show, or a costume contest and there are so many other party ideas you can use to celebrate the special occasion with your doggos

4- A Doggy Movie Marathon

With the season being all cuddly vibe, New Year’s Eve can be the perfect time to curl up on the sofa with your dog and binge-watch your favorite movies.

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