PETWITHIT Weekly Wags: It is a Long Weekend!

PETWITHIT Weekly Wags: It is a Long Weekend!

Ready for a fun long weekend? Well here’s a recap of your pawsome news, exciting pet friendly things to do and adventure to go on as well as adoption days for you to enjoy with your furry friends!

1- Pet Friendly Things to do this Long Weekend 

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2- Visit Ivy’s Secret Garden

It’s the start of a 3-day long weekend in the UAE and  it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time, enjoy outdoor adventures, and maybe even indulge in a quick pet-friendly staycation.

Want to visit a pet-friendly cafe surrounded by lush greens, where your furry friend can join you for a delicious treat, and you can even shop for plants to bring some of that green magic home?

A hidden gem that’s all about tails wagging, and delicious bites, surrounded by plants and a greenery wall you’ll fall in love with.

3- Meet the Winner of a Private Jet Flight to London

Sagi and Miles, the two wonderful boys, have been selected as the lucky winners of the K9 JETS competition! They will be flying from Dubai to London in the lap of luxury on a PRIVATE JET.

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4- Help Bring 35 Rescued Cats to their Forever Home

In times of unexpected challenges, the strength of compassion shines the brightest. Meet Nicole Breed and her incredible journey to rescue and care for 35 cats in the Middle East.

These furry friends, once facing the harsh streets, now have the chance for a loving forever home, but they need our help to get there.

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5- Pet Events Happening this Weekend

Dive into adoption events, brunches, beach days, and more things to do with your dog! Mark these dates on your calendar for a paw-sitively awesome adventure!

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