The Best Mobile Apps for Pet Owners

The Best Mobile Apps for Pet Owners

Have you ever found yourself with a pet question and didn’t know where to ask? Do you have a pet that likes to bark and jump on people when they come over? Not knowing where and how to go to places? Well, in order to avoid any future mishaps like these, get your hands on these five mobile apps for pet owners!

What are the best mobile apps for pet owners?

There are many apps for pet owners that are available to download. These apps help with many aspects of your pet’s life such as feeding them, exercising them, and recording their behavior. There are also many health-related apps that can help keep the animal in good health.


One of the best apps for pet owners is Wikiloc. This app allows you to find trails that are near your current location and show them on a map. It also has a trail calendar so you can plan hikes with your dog or cat. You can even add notes about your hike with photos, videos, or GPS coordinates.

Dubai Municipality app

Municipality App has a section dedicated for Pet’s & Animals in which you can find veterinary clinics, report/find lost pets, and even be able to adopt. It also provides general information about pets.

Find out all the pet services offered by Dubai Municipality

Training app

There are many apps on the market that can help to train your pet. One of the apps is called “Dogo – Puppy and Dog Training”. It allows you to create a schedule for your pet so that they know when it will be time for them to eat, sleep, etc. They can also use the app to track their activity levels and set goals.

Pet supplies shopping app

There are many pet supplies shopping apps that make it easy to buy any necessities for your pet. Some of these apps even give you a grocery list for the items your pet needs. This makes it easy to order groceries and quickly stock up on the items you need.

A few of the many downloadable apps are:

  • Dubai Pet Food
  • Pet’s Delight
  • Petzone
  • Pet Supplies

Which can be downloaded through Google Play or AppStore

My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet is a fun app that allows you to make gifs or videos of your pets and having them make them seem like they are talking. My Talking Pet also has a wide variety of sounds that are sure to please any animal lover.

Know your dog breed app

Knowing your dog type app will provide you with information about the breed’s background and heritage, and can give you a broader view of the breed’s history. Also, if you are not sure about the type of breed or if you want to check if it’s a mixed or purebred, these apps can help you find that out as well!

There are many downloadable apps like:

  • Dog Scanner – Breed Recognition
  • Identify Dog Breeds

And others that can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore.

There are also few apps that will help you find the pet friendly apartment or you can read our blog on how to find the best pet friendly apartment in Dubai

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