The Pet Hotel: Your Pets will Love This Place in Abu Dhabi

The Pet Hotel: Your Pets will Love This Place in Abu Dhabi

If you’re a pet owner in Abu Dhabi, finding a reliable and trustworthy pet facility can be a challenge. But look no further than The Pet Hotel, a top-notch pet care facility that offers boarding, daycare, and training services to pets of all sizes and breeds.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at The Pet Hotel and what makes it the best choice for pet owners in Abu Dhabi.

The Pet Hotel Location

The pet hotel

The Pet Hotel is located in Al Bahya as part of Emirates Park Zoo & resort, there is plenty of parking and you can spend the full day at Emirates Park Zoo. Housed in a huge villa with 38 rooms and plenty of greenery to make your pet feel at home.

They provide a lot of services under one roof

  • Dog Boarding
  • Boarding rooms
  • Rooms with 24hr CCTV
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas to play and socialize
  • Cat Boarding
  • Induvial cages
  • Large cat play area

Pet Boarding:

The pet hotel

The Pet Hotel has 38 spacious and comfortable rooms to accommodate pets of all sizes. Each room is equipped with everything your pet needs to feel at home, including comfortable bedding, toys, and fresh water.

The rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure a hygienic environment for your pet.


The pet hotel

The Pet Hotel’s daycare services are designed to provide your pet with a fun and engaging experience. Their experienced pet carers will ensure your pet receives plenty of attention and playtime throughout the day. In addition to socialization, daycare activities include games, walks, and even nap time.

We structure your pet’s day to ensure that they get the exercise, socialization, and rest that they need. With Flexible drop off and pick up times.


If you’re looking to improve your pet’s behavior or teach them new skills, The Pet Hotel’s in-house trainer can help. They offer a variety of training services, from basic obedience training to advanced trick training.

The trainer is certified and experienced in working with all types of pets, so you can trust that your pet is in good hands.


Large and Small Dog Separation:

The pet hotel

The Pet Hotel recognizes the importance of separating large and small dogs for the safety and comfort of all pets in their care.

They have separate rooms for large and small dogs, as well as different play areas, to ensure that pets of all sizes can enjoy their time at The Pet Hotel without fear of aggression or injury.

Outdoor Garden:

The pet hotel

One of the most unique features of The Pet Hotel is its large outdoor garden. This spacious area is designed to allow dogs to run and play freely in a safe and secure environment.

Your pet can enjoy some fresh air and exercise under the supervision of trained pet carers, and even make new friends with other pets staying at The Pet Hotel.

Overall, The Pet Hotel offers a range of high-quality services that make it the best choice for pet owners in Abu Dhabi. From pet boarding and daycare to training and socialization, their experienced staff is committed to providing your pet with the best care possible.

If you’re in need of pet care services in Abu Dhabi, look no further than The Pet Hotel.

You can click below to book or to enquire about the rates.

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