Ways Dogs Get Lost and How to Prevent It

Ways Dogs Get Lost and How to Prevent It

Hundreds or even thousands of dogs get lost or stolen in UAE each year. What must have happened for the dogs to get lost?

What will happen to the Dog once they get lost? Who is the one responsible? What are the precautionary steps that we can take to keep our doggies safe?

How Do Dogs Get Lost?

1- Open Doors/Gates

Most dogs can’t resist the urge to explore when given the opportunity, but some will stay in their yards or their houses when the gate or door is left open unintentionally.

These dogs may not want to leave their homes, but their sense of smell leads them to locations many miles or even a few blocks away out of curiosity.

2- Wanderlust

Occasionally, dogs will attempt to escape their yards by crawling, excavating, or climbing, or they will run out a door if they are allowed to do so.

3- Blind Panic 

It is undoubtedly true that dogs can experience panic attacks. People experiencing panic attacks describe a sudden, overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

When dogs have a blind panic, their natural “flight” response causes them to flee.

Factors That Affect How Far a Lost Dog Will Travel

While running blindly, lost dogs can cover considerable distances before aid arrives. As they gradually slow down, they usually start looking for cover. Here are some factors that can influence how far a lost dog will travel.

1- The Temper of the Dog

Depending on how a missing dog interacts with strangers they might reach further or seek shelter.

2- Weather

Weather (scorching heat, snow, hail, or rain) will limit the distance they travel

3- Landscape

Running away from home in a residential neighborhood will not get as far as running away in a mountainous area.

4- The Population of the Area

It is more likely that dogs will be discovered near less crowded spots when they escape into busy areas.

What Possible Mistakes Can You Make to Lose Your Dog as its Owner?

Forgetting to close the gate or door of your house: If you forget to close your house’s gate or door, your pet may be able to embark on an opportunity-driven journey.

1- No proper Dog training: 

If your dog isn’t properly trained, he will defy your commands. 

2- Unable to monitor your pet: 

Due to your busy schedule at your workplace, you might need help monitoring your dog.

3- Neglecting to socialize your pet: 

If your dog is not comfortable around people, it will have a hard time getting found if it gets lost.

How to Find a Lost Dog? 

If your Dog went missing, it would be terrible. But don’t worry; every problem has a solution. 

Here are a few solutions to find a lost dog:

  • Do a thorough physical search of your neighborhood or the location where your Dog was last seen before expanding your search area. Check backyards, parks, and other nearby areas.
  • Post notices in surrounding areas and on social media sites, as well as distribute flyers with your contact information
  • Find the places that your dog usually visits and leave some of his favorite food or a piece of cloth with your smell.
  • Vets and shelters can help you out as well
  • Facebook groups or online communities like ours: PETWITHIT Lost & Found

Consider buying a GPS tracker, we have wrote a blog article about Should I Have a Dog GPS Tracker

and here is our favorite tracker:

Rather than trying to find a lost dog, it is better to take precautions to protect your pet.

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