Your guide on how to relocate your pet overseas

Pet relocating to a new country can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few Pet relocation companies in UAE that offer a range of relocation services to help make the process easier and more affordable.

Step by step pet relocation process

1- Travel Carrier

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Ensure your pet’s travel carrier is approved by the International Pet And Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and is large enough for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It’s best to get the carrier as soon as possible and let your pet get used to it before the journey.

  1. Introduce the carrier to your pet as early as possible and let them get comfortable with it. Keep the carrier open and accessible so that your pet can explore it and feel at ease during the journey.
  2. Freeze the water container that comes with the carrier. If the container is too small, you can use a plastic box like an ice cream container instead.
  3. Fill it with water and freeze it, then punch a few holes in it and attach it to the inside of the carrier with cable ties. This will help prevent spills and ensure that your pet has access to water throughout the trip

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2- Paperwork for pet relocation

The paperwork required for pet relocation varies depending on the destination country. Ensure your pet is microchipped and fully vaccinated, with the rabies vaccine given at least 21 days before travel. Some countries require an additional blood test to check for rabies antibodies.

All vaccines need to be recorded in your pet’s vaccination book. Dogs also need to be dewormed prior to relocation.

Note that there is a summer travel ban in the UAE, during which snub-nosed breeds of cats and dogs can only fly in or out of Dubai from end of October to April.

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3- Choose an Airline

Pet Relocation service pet with it

Different airlines have varying requirements when it comes to pet travel. Find out if the airline accepts pets as accompanied baggage or cargo only, and whether the destination country requires pets to be quarantined upon arrival.

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4- MOCCAE Health Certificate

Apply online for a health certificate from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) and pay the service fee of Dhs400. Once approved, take your pet to the MOCCAE vet to obtain a certificate, valid for 30 days. You may also need a destination-specific health certificate signed by your vet and attested by the MOCCAE vet.

5- Book your Flights

Once you have all the required documents, make the flight bookings. If your pet is booked as cargo, take your pet to the airport for the pre-flight check.

If your pet is booked as accompanied baggage, take your pet to the terminal with you and check them in with you. The check-in staff will take you down to the animal loading area.

By following these steps, you can make the relocation process smoother for both you and your furry family member.

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