Adventure Tails - Ain Al Sheria Hike

Adventure Tails – Ain Al Sheria Hike

The view of nature is always soothing for the soul. The air in Ain AL Sheria hike is cleaner and you can experience sights and sounds that will make your heart feel alive again.

Our friends Mena and Ginger have gone out and explored a new pet friendly hiking spot to share with us.

Ain Al Sheria – Fujairah

Medium 8 KM Hike

Ain AL Sheria hike is one of the most pretty hikes we did so far together. It’s in Fujairah site and the sceneries are just stunning! 

To access this location you’ll need to have 4×4 as the road to reach there can be quite tricky and not for newbie drivers. 

Ain AL Sheria hiking trail

The hike starts with an elevation gain of 500 meters and that can be quite tough, we ended up stopping a lot of times to catch my breath. But after that is just a lovely hike, path is very well marked and the view when you are walking on the top of the mountains is just amazing! 

There are so many goats on this trail. So please be careful if you have a dog that likes to charge them (like Ginger). The trail takes time to finish, so be sure to go early in the morning or around the afternoon when the sun is not su high up as this will exhaust you and your dog quite easily.

At the top you will see some cave paintings on the rocks; please be respectful and don’t touch it! 

One of the most fun hikes we did and definitely will try to do again.  

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