Adventure Tails - Wadi Munay Hike

Adventure Tails – Wadi Munay Hike

Dogs love to explore and stay fit. Hike the mountains and the lowlands with your pup in tow. They’re like your little hiking buddy, keeping you company on the trail and having fun with you. Try out Wadi Munay Hike.

Wadi Munay Hike – Ras Al Khaimah

Easy 6 KM Hike 

There is many loops and hikes around this area. So please download WikiLoc to make sure you don’t get lost. There is a farm at the beginning so make sure your dog is on the leash so he doesn’t bother the camels 😅 

Most of the hike is a nice walk with mostly wadi walk on big rocks. Depending on the loop you do there might be some downhill with some lose rocks but nothing too complicated or scary. 

There is not a lot of shade during this hike so make sure you go early or later in the day. 

Fun hike for beginners and a cool spot for BBQ after as well 🙂 Now with the dam full of water.

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