Adventure Tails – Al Rabi Tower

Adventure Tails – Al Rabi Tower

We know how all of you love a good hiking spot – especially with the lovely weather. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of that, right? Our friends Mena & Ginger are taking you to Rabi Tower Trail this time around.

Al Rabi Tower Trail

Al Rabi Tower – Khor Fakkan

Intermediate 4.5 KM Hike

There are two different parking spots in this location, and the GPS takes you to the parking down the hill – wherein if you if you park there you start your hike with a pretty steep uphill that will make you work it! 

Tip: If you go early enough (or maybe late enough) you can find parking next to the tower saving you the trouble. 

The trail is well marked but there are different routes to reach the summit (some easier than the other). We always choose to go left to start the ascend.

You have a 300m elevation (more and less) so it’s going to be a good workout for sure! Take it easy and do lots of stops if necessary, and if you think about giving up, the view is worth it, we promise! 

When you reach the first flag you already have amazing views of the beach, especially during sunset or sunrise. After the big ascend you go down a bit and here you have 2 choices, or you continue for one more summit or you go back to the car.

There are wild donkeys around this trail so be careful of your little hunters. 

The trail is under renovations, so if you go during the week, you will find lots of workers, in case your dog is not a fan of them, go during the weekend. 

Important: At the beginning of the trail there is a sign saying no pets allowed. We go quite often and never had a problem, but we are fully aware of this and every time we pass someone on the trail I take Ginger out of their way (although she couldn’t care less about people). So maybe this is not the trail for a grumpy dog with strangers. 

Let us know if you end up doing this hike and let us know how your experience was.

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