Your Guide into Hiking with Your Dog in UAE

Your Guide into Hiking with Your Dog in UAE

Attention pawrents! We know that you’re always looking for new places for hiking with your dog where you can bring your pets along to explore and hiking is more popular now than it has ever been, but it’s difficult to find places that are dog-friendly.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hiking spots that are perfect for exploring during the cooler season. This list includes both walking and hiking trails, as well as suggestions of fun things to do with your dog at these locations.

1- Modayna Dam – Ras Al Khaimah

Difficulty: Easy, 6.5 KM Hike

Easy and very accessible hike. The beginning of this trail goes through a lot of farms, so you might want to keep your dog on the lead for the first 2km. There is only an elevation, and the rest of the hike is quite flat. 

A beautiful scenario that goes from mountains to wadi. It’s a long walk and can be tough for the new paws not used to rough pavement. The walk is a loop that brings you back to the car parking. At the end of the loop, you might find some camels roaming free, so always be on the lookout to put your dog back on the lead. 

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2- Samar Trail – Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

Difficulty: Moderate, 6.5 KM Hike 

The trail starts nice and easy on the dog’s paws. After approximately 3 KM the uphill part starts and will continue until you reach about 5 KM for some amazing views at the highest point of this hike (798 M).

When the uphill starts, the path also starts to get a little more tricky for the fewer experienced paws. Keep an eye on your dog, he might be stopping because his paws are hurt. 

The path is very well marked and obvious. Look for the white and red signs along the way 🙂 

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3- Al Rabi Tower – Khor Fakkan

Intermediate 4.5 KM Hike

There are two different parking spots in this location, and the GPS takes you to the parking down the hill – wherein if you if you park there you start your hike with a pretty steep uphill that will make you work it! 

The trail is well marked but there are different routes to reach the summit (some easier than the other). We always choose to go left to start the ascend. You have a 300m elevation (more and less) so it’s going to be a good workout for sure! Take it easy and do lots of stops if necessary, and if you think about giving up, the view is worth it, we promise! 

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4- Wadi Sulfur Fujairah 

Easy 4 KM Hike

It’s a wadi walk that includes some fun bouldering that we love. For low confidence dogs this might be a challenge, but a good challenge, so take the time to help your dog overcome each boulder.

At the beginning of the hike, you will find many pools that are just gorgeous. Their coloration comes from the Sulfur. 

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We’d love to know your favorite hiking spots too! Share with us your #adventuretails and reach out to us on [email protected]

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