Palm Jumeirah Dubai Pet Guide

Shaped like a date palm, this island is home to some of Dubai’s Luxury resorts and superb fine dining options. This man-made island gets more special as we go along.

And the best part? Your furbabies are free to visit too. Check out some of those we’ve listed that would pique your interest whether it is a visit or a planned relocation at Palm Jumeirah.

Here’s some of our suggestions to help you go around with your furry ones.


1. Ella’s Eatery

Ella’s Eatery is a casual dining, family-friendly, restaurant and bar on Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

Good food. Good vibes. Good times.

Look into that delish menu and enjoy a lovely meal with your furbabies

2. The Riva Beach Club

The Riva Beach Club is Dubai’s First Standalone Independent Beach Escape located at the lovely Palm Jumeirah, overlooking the Dubai Skyline!

You can book your reservation and find out more at their website


1. The Tap House, Club Vista Mare

The Tap House is a beachfront European restaurant in Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah.

Reserve your table and enjoy a meal

2. Breeze Beach Grill

Breeze Beach Grill is a beach barbecue-style cuisine with a Caribbean twist at Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah. 

Know more from their Instagram and book your table

3. Aprons and Hammers

Dubai’s award-winning seafood restaurant is just an apron and hammer away!

Plan your visit and discover all about their super-fresh seafood and buckets of fun. From fancy lobster, crab, or jumbo shrimp to generous portions of today’s catch, you are covered.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website to know more and reserve that table

4. Palm Bay Dubai

Palm Bay Dubai is a Caribbean restaurant that has loads of deals all week and is family-friendly too.

Palm Bay Dubai welcomes furry family members. It also hosts a family-friendly brunch every Friday from 2 pm-5 pm with unlimited starters, sharing main courses, and chef’s selection of homemade desserts.

Book your table and dig in!

5. Senor Pico

The cuisine at Senor Pico offers re-energized classics and new favorites with a vibrant and spicy streak appealing to a wide range of diners.

From hearty torta sandwiches, tacos árabes, seasoned rotisserie meats, or signature crispy cheese quesadillas, dining at Señor Pico is a true exploration of Mexican American cuisine.

Grab a bite of that goodness and know more at their website


1. My Pets

My Pets is your friendly neighborhood pet shop & grooming salon in Palm Jumeirah.

One-stop shop for pet supplies and accessories available whenever you need them. 

Know more about what they have to offer at their website


1. Two Feets Four Paws

Two Feet Four Paws Veterinary Clinic first opened in 2015, in Dubailand, and has now opened its doors in Palm Jumeirah to provide the highest quality, ethical, compassionate & animal-centered medical care (to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK standards).

To know more about their services and book your appointments, visit their website at

An ongoing developing Palm Jumeirah will have more to offer and would have options for your furbabies needs.

Let us know of your experience if you do visit and comment in the comment section below if you’ve heard or know other shops, areas, services, that you’ve been to that are not listed here.

For other places to go to in the UAE, you can check out our guide section and follow our Instagram and never run out of places to go to with your furry friends.

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